We believe that young people need theology — the study of God and God’s relationship with the world — as one of the resources to draw upon as you explore your place in the world. 

Emory YTI IMPACT hosts multiple programs for high school students with the goal of empowering youth with critical skills usually reserved for adults. We respect teenagers and believe that you can be empowered now, as teenagers. We also believe that the world needs your unique gifts to help all of us have a more just and compassionate world. For these reasons, we do not believe in “talking down” to teenagers. We believe you have insights and capacities unique to you and we believe that providing you with serious theological tools will empower you to make the world better for all of us. We believe that the world needs young people to contribute your theological perspectives and energy in order to promote social justice and the common good. We do not think that you need to wait to be an adult to participate in shaping our world. The world needs you now