A Major Employer

In FY2010, Emory University and Emory Healthcare employed 23,354 people. Of this total, 22,971 worked in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and 377 worked elsewhere in Georgia.

In addition to its regular full- and part-time employees, in fall 2009 the university employed 4,252 students, mostly in part-time jobs.

Emory employmentUniversity employment grew by 13 percent between FY2004 and FY2010 despite a slight drop in employment between 2009 and 2010. Between FY2008 and FY2010, employment at Emory Healthcare grew by 7.1 percent—an increase of 735 jobs.

In FY2010, Emory’s payroll totaled $1.6 billion, including $1.01 billion in salaries and wages paid to university employees (including Emory Clinic and Emory-Children's Center physicians) and $595.7 million paid to employees of Emory Healthcare. 

Where Emory University employees live

Ninety-seven percent of Emory University employees (excluding students) lived in metropolitan Atlanta in fall 2009, while about 95 percent of Emory Healthcare employees lived in the Atlanta area.

Diversity and quality of Emory employment

Emory offers a wide variety of high-quality jobs for residents of the Atlanta metropolitan area. In fall 2009, Emory University faculty accounted for 31 percent of total employment; executive and nonfaculty professionals, 40 percent; technical, service, and clerical staff, 23 percent; and residents, 6 percent.

In FY2010, the earnings of full-time, full-year employees at Emory (including both the university and Emory Healthcare) averaged about $63,960. Emory University provides a wide range of benefits to its employees, including opportunities for education and professional development. In 2009, scholarships for dependents of Emory University employees amounted to more than $10.1 million. Employees also participate—41 percent did so in 2009—in classes at Emory that capture their interests or improve their professional skills.

The Chronicle of Higher Education named Emory one of its “Great Colleges to Work For” in 2009 and 2010, and Emory ranked 5th among academic institutions in The Scientist magazine’s listing of the best places for scientists to work.